Blackjack Terms

There are many terms used in Blackjack by players and the dealer that are important for any Blackjack player to know and understand.

- This refers to the amount of money that is bet in a specific period of time.

Blackjack - This occurs when a hand of 21 is dealt with the first 2 cards.

21 - A hand that has the value of 21 with 3 or more cards.

Bust - This happens if your hand value goes over the total of 21.

Buy - In Pontoon Blackjack if you 'Buy' this is the equivalent of Doubling Down in Blackjack.

Blackjack Strategy Chart - Helps players learn the different outcomes of the game.

Double Down - Doubling Down is when you double your bet to receive one more card.

Early Surrender
- This is when you Surrender your cards before the dealer checks his hand.

Hit - To request another card.

Hole Card - Any face down card, usually referred to as the dealers one face down card.

Five Card Trick - During a game of Pontoon Blackjack a Five Card Trick is when a player has a hand of five cards that aren't over the total of 21.

Up Card - The dealer's one up facing card for the players to see is known as the Up Card.

Flat Bet - A Flat Bet is when a player bets the same amount of money every hand.

Insurance - A player may buy insurance if the dealers Up Card is an Ace.

Late Surrender - Surrendering your hand after the dealer has checked his hand for a Blackjack.

- Two cards of the same value.

Pat Hand - When a hand has a total of 17 to 21.

- When the dealer and player tie hands it is known as a 'Push'.

Shoe - Used to hold multiple decks of cards.

- If your hand consists of a pair you can split that hand to form two new hands.

Stand - When you want to 'Stand' this means you don't want anymore cards.

Twist - In Pontoon Blackjack to 'Twist' means to Hit or take a card.

Soft Hand - This is a hand when an Ace is counted as an 11 and not as a 1.

Stick - In Pontoon Blackjack to 'Stick' means to 'Stand'.

Surrender - Players may stop playing during a hand and only lose half of their bet.

Types Of Blackjack

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Last Updated 24 February 2015
Blackjack Terms
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