Click Here to Get R300.00 Free to Play Blackjack at White Lotus CasinoPontoon is very similar to Blackjack, in this game Blackjack (10 and an Ace) is known as Pontoon. Pontoon wins the same way as Blackjack does.

Besides having the highest hand, another way to win is to have a hand of 5 cards adding up to 21 or less. The dealers cards are both dealt face down and the dealer wins all ties.

In Pontoon a few of the words are different to those in regular Blackjack. For example in Blackjack players 'Hit' and in Pontoon it means to 'Twist'.

in Blackjack you 'Stand' and in Pontoon you 'Stick'. 'Doubling Down' is used in Blackjack but it is called 'Buy In' in Pontoon.
Dealer must Hit on soft 17.
- Dealer wins all ties.
- Players must Hit on any hand of hard 14.
- Card values are the same as in Blackjack.
- There is no insurance option as the dealers cards are dealt face down.
- Players may split any pair and re-split once.
- If you split a pair of Aces and get dealt a card with the value of 10 this counts as 'Pontoon'.

- Players may Double Down.
- In regular Blackjack players 'Hit' to get dealt another card, in Pontoon it is called to 'Twist'.

Pontoon pays out 2:1
5 Card Trick pays out 2:1

Play Pontoon At:
White Lotus Casino or Springbok Casino

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