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In the competitive world of online gambling, bonuses make all the difference. Experienced players know that there’s great value in the various bonuses online casinos reward their players with. Finding the type of bonus that suits you best is not as easy as you may think it is though. Here’s a rundown of the types of bonuses most online casinos give their players one way or another. The sign-up bonus is the best known online casino bonus type and it is the most lucrative one too.

Online casinos give their players a sign-up bonus to welcome them. Most sign-up bonuses come as a percentage match on players’ first deposits. There are several factors one has to consider when assessing his sign-up bonus. The maximum amount is one such factor, but the truly important indicator of the overall quality of the bonus is linked to the redemption requirements. Every online casino features different redemption requirements, and there are several subtle things to consider when analyzing the redemption (also known as turn-over or play-through) requirements.

Not all games are eligible for bonus redemption. Casinos usually require their players to redeem their bonuses on games which carry bigger house edges. The maximum bonus is the maximum amount that the casino will give the player on his % match. If the bonus is a 100% match, up to $100, players are best off depositing exactly $100. If they deposit $200, they’ll only get a $100 bonus anyway, regardless of the match %. Usually, it is the maximum bonus that’s advertised on the casino’s site. The above reasoning pretty much explains the match bonus too, the next bonus type on my list.

The referral bonus is a breed apart. Casinos have learned that one of the best ways to attract more players to their tables is to stimulate existing players into inviting their friends to join them. The goal of the referral bonus is thus to reward the player for getting a friend or a family member to join. Some referral bonuses are flat ones (for eg. players get $50 for every depositing friend regardless of the amount the friend deposits) others are match ones (the referrer is rewarded in direct proportion with the referred players’ first deposit). No deposit bonuses are of the best kind according to experienced players. A no-deposit bonus does not require the player to make any sort of deposits. He just needs to sign up and the bonus is transferred into his real money account straight away. No-deposit bonuses are the bonus types that come closest to free money.

Can’t one just sign-up then, secure the bonus and cash it out straight away, without taking it to the tables? Not really. You see, no-deposit bonuses may be free but they do come with a few strings attached: in order to be allowed to cash out any money, you need to fulfill certain wagering requirements, requirements which are usually much steeper than those attached to regular bonuses. The casino is no charity and it has to recover its money somehow after all…

The sticky bonus is a nasty little bugger. Players won’t be allowed to ever cash their sticky bonuses out. The bonus is called sticky because it sticks to player accounts. It can be taken to the table, and it can be wagered, but the player will only ever be allowed to cash out his initial deposit plus his winnings.

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Online Casino Bonuses
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